Morazan Restaurant

Morazan Restaurant

Charlotte, NC based, The Morazan restaurant provides the ultimate dining destination for genuine Latin American and El Salvadorian cuisines. Delight your taste buds with fine Latin, Salvadoran and Honduran cuisines at the Morazan restaurant. Our Latin America cuisine; like our culture is extremely proud and diverse. Come experience the authentic regional tastes as our chef’s beautifully blend various Latin American ingredients and spices for those unique tastes from El Salvador and Honduras. You will need to try our house specials such as Carne Asada Salvadoreno, Salvadorian Special or a Columbian Dish called Bandeja Paisa. This is a plate full with grilled steak, fried pork skin, sausage, beans, rice, fried sweet plantain, avocado, egg and arepa.

El Salvadoran food or dishes are very similar to the central American dishes, with the most popular dish being the pupusa, that has a crust made of corn or rice flour tortilla and is stuffed with yummy fillings such as ground pork meat, shrimps, chicken, beans or cheese. Famed and flavorful Salvadoran tomato sauce, is serMorazan Restaurant Breakfast 2ved alongside with curtido.

At the Morazan restaurants, we also promise tasty dishes from Honduras that are a blend of native Indian, Spanish, Caribbean and African cuisines. One of the specialties of Honduran cuisines is the use of coconut milk in all of our opulent dishes. For a true culinary experience come taste any of our Honduran fish plates, baleadas or tamales. One can also enjoy one of our straightforward appetizing chicken dishes from our kitchen.

At the Morazan restaurant, we believe that in order to serve a delicious meal, the ingredients used in the cooking have to be freArroz con Lechesh; that is why special care is taken to use only the freshest ingredients. We use only the right mix of spices and herbs to bring out the brilliance in each dish. The plate is to be so spectacular that it assures to seize one into the world of Latin food. Right from soups to curtido and salsas everything is cooked at the bistro itself, so that even a sauce that you have along with the main menu is fresh. We offer our customers a lavish spread of over two hundred dishes.
After a delicious meal, enjoy homemade desserts such as pan dulce or arroz con leche.  With great service and atmosphere you are guaranteed to have a great experience at an affordable price! We look forward to you dining at the Morazan restaurant.

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